Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Christmas is Coming; Save a Life

Whenever I see the big sad eyes on the SPCA's TV ads, it gets me. So, I do donate. I'd like to donate more than I do, but I do donate monthly. I don't think we really miss it. The other thing that I'm thinking right now is that it now late October; and the holidays will be here before we know it. When I think of what I'm thankful for around Thanksgiving, I of course think of my wife, Tracy. But I immediately also think of my dogs, past (Lexi, Cleo, Maggie), and present (Molly Mia, Sammi Jo, and Annie Joy). They all  make me happy, and I love being their "daddy". We feed them, protect them,  play with them. They in turn love us,and they show it every day, no matter what.

So, when I see these ads on TV, it tears me up, and especially so on Thanksgiving and Christmas. No family, no child, no person, should be without a loving dog or two. Or cat, if that's how you roll. I hate thinking about how so many of them will be euthenized today, but it should never happen  during the holidays. But it does. So, donate to the SPCA or to your local shelters. Buy them some meals, some blankets, some toys. Pre-pay for someone else's adoption. Make a difference in a furry little life; you'll be rewarded many times over. 

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